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Liverpool Tactical Analysis vs Spurs - 2019 UCL Final

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Liverpool's Compact 433 dealt with the Box MFD Shape from Spurs, which cut off the supply lines into Kane/Son. Spurs set up in the box to have CE/DA/HW/MS Positioned between the lines but the compactness of LFC prevented vertical penetration by Spurs. Spurs then tried to attack in the width & got trapped by LFC Press.

Below is an Animated Example of Liverpool's Pressing and Traps in Wide Areas - This strategy in their 433 vs Spurs Box would be the pre-cursor to lethal transitions that LFC can mount with Salah/Sane/Firmino's pace & quality!

Below a clear example Liverpool's 433 High Pressing Structure to nullify the Spurs Box MFD.

Video analysis highlighting the above Defensive Strategy plus an example of Liverpool's building up structure (Setting 2 MFD Pivotes in the central channel - Use of Alisson as the free player to support the build up - Wijnaldum rotating with Robertson - Sane inverting to run in depth).

Images of Liverpool's Build up vs Spurs High Press: - Wide CB's as 1st options - Set 2 MFD Pivotes to Overload Kane - Vertical Options - Use of Alisson as Free player - Key option - Wijnaldum rotates with Robertson to invert Sane (Depth Movements from Sane!!)

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