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Nuno Espirito Santos Winning Tactics vs Arsenal

This blog post is a video analysis highlighting the winning tactics used by Nuno Espirito Santos in Wolves dominant performance vs Arsenal this past April.....3-1 win in favour of the Portuguese tacticians side.

Their offensive shape was 352 and 532 during the defensive phase - Enjoy the below videos and summaries! Footy Analytics

Video Summary #1:

- Qualitative Advantage - Ruben Neves playmaker Role

- Overload Weakside

- Mobility to unbalance OPP

- Change of Tempo

Video Summary #2

Corner Kick:

- Exploit the Short Corner Opportunity (2v1 on Arsenal)

- Draw Arsenal out of the box to open space & overload back post

Transition Play:

- 532 Defensive Shape as springboards for Counter Attack

- Depth Movements from the 2 Centre Forwards

- Penetration Mentality......Split Passes/Breaking Lines/Runs Behind

Wolves 532 Defensive Shape/Block vs Arsenal:

- Force Arsenal into their traps in the wide channel

- Moutinho and Diogo Jota deny the switch of play

- Create numbers up around the ball

- Jiminez & Diogo Jota are in positions to counter attack

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